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Many people love to shop for books online. Luckily, there are many great resources for book lovers on the internet. Most major chain bookstores such as Barnes and Noble and Borders have large websites. You can oftentimes find books online in their inventory that may be more difficult to find in the stores. Many times, these major retailers offer books at a higher discount than you would find in their physical stores.

Another great resource for books online is the internet retailer Amazon. They have a similar selection of books that the chain stores do and also offer large discounts. For people who like to find bargains, there are also many resources in finding books online. Many auction websites such as Yahoo Auctions and Ebay offer books at great prices. This may be a wonderful way to find an out of print book that you are looking for. - Amazon Portal - US, UK, Canada, France, Germany & Japan

Other online retailers such as Book Finder and Abebooks specialize in helping consumers find out of print books online. Some websites such as TextbookX specialize in reselling textbooks to students. You may be able to find your college textbooks at huge discount prices. Many smaller bookstores, independent publishers, and specialty bookstores have websites offering books online.

If you are looking for a specialized subject such as fantasy or science fiction books, social science books or books on metaphysical matters, you may be pleasantly surprised to find the vast number of stores catering to these particular needs. If you are looking for free books online, you may want to check out Book Crossing and similar websites. They allow users to register books, leave them in a public place, and allow fellow readers to "catch" them. - Amazon Books, CDs, DVDs, Electronics and much more

As you can see, there is a huge offering of books online. Whatever your subject matter or financial needs are, you can rest assured that today's online booksellers will be able to meet them.

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