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TV watchers and radio listeners are used to advertising. Catchy phrases and lists of specials splash across the screen and infiltrate the air waves moment by moment. Now, there is another plain on which companies can advertise: The internet. The World Wide Web has brought online advertising to an entirely new level. Online advertising includes, but is not limited to pop-ups, spam and affiliate marketing.

Pop-Ups and Pop-Unders
Perhaps the most annoying forms of online advertising are pop-ups and pop-unders. Pop-up ads open up separate browsers over top of the browser in which the internet user is currently operating. Pop-unders do a similar thing, except that the advertising browser opens up in under the users operating browser. So what is the problem? Pop-ups and pop-unders take the users memory and can slow the computer down. And, like kernels of pop-corn, these ads just keep popping and popping. There are several different types of security programs available that will aid in blocking pop-ups.

Spam is much more than a can of over-processed meat. Spam comes through e-mail and is often used as a form of online advertising for a variety of different companies. One such industry that is using spam frequently is the underground pharmaceutical industry. Many individuals receive e-mails on a regular or semi-regular basis on cheap Viagra, Cialis, Zoloft, etc. E-mail programs offer different levels of spam blocking, spam filtering and e-mail scrubbing products to help eliminate the level of spam cluttering up individuals e-mails.

Affiliate Marketing
Online advertising has produced an entirely new way to market on the internet. One such aspect of this is affiliate marketing. In affiliate marketing, individuals with websites and companies with websites advertise other companies via links. When the link is clicked on by a client and a purchase is made, the owner of the website receives a certain amount of commission from the purpose as he or she was the one who directed the lead. It may only be a few cents, but over time, it can rack of some serious dough for the individual or company hosting the link.

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