Online Games


The online game market is one that is booming all over the world at present. Because of the increase in technology as well as the introduction to broadband services, it is becoming easier for anyone to play games either on their own or with other players.

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The beginning of online games was in the S1960's with a game known as Spacewar. This was an action game set in space and built around battles. It wasn't until the 1980's that the computer games began to sell in the regular market. They became the Playstation of that era. By the 1990's, several games and genres had been formed and began to boom in the industry.

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Types of Games
1. Massive Multiplayer Games This enables a limitless number of people to play online with the same game at the same time. Usually, these take place in a fantasy world where players travel through any distance, along the way meeting and interacting with the other players. This is the most popular trend of games happening online today.
2. Action Games These are the first genre that really boosted the online gaming market. Reflexes and coordination are essential in order to succeed.
3. Adventure Games These are more like movie games in the online game world. They demand logical thinking in order to solve riddles and move through the different worlds.
4. Strategy Games These are games such as chess. They call for analytical skills and finding resources and essential elements in the games.
5. Simulation Games These are based around taking a concrete experience and putting it into a virtual reality.

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Besides these online games, there are also several sites were participants can join into the online community of different types of games. Because of the increasing popularity of online games, there continues to be new developments, changes and trends to speak to the different types that love to play games.

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