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One of the most popular places to find music today is on the internet. There are many resources out there for online music. Many of today's large music retailers now have websites for you to purchase compact discs online. Some of these have a larger selection than your local music store and feature their products at discount prices. For those of you who are still listening to albums, you may be able to find vinyl records online. Auction sites such as Ebay and Yahoo Auctions are a great place to find online music.

Many people today like the convenience of downloading music from the internet and having it available to them almost instantly. There are many sites devoted to this type of online music such as ITunes and Napster. Sites for online music such as Itunes and MSN Music offer individual tracks and complete albums for a one time fee. You can choose which track or album you would like to download and pay for it with a credit card.

Other sites for online music like Napster offer similar options as well as another option for people with mp3 players. This way, you pay a monthly fee, and get unlimited downloads. This is a great way to go for people who are constantly updating their portable music devices. When purchasing online music, you want to make sure that you are using a reputable source.

Many websites offer downloadable music or even free mp3 downloads, but many of them are peer to peer file sharing websites and the online music you are downloading is not legal. Many websites also offer online music of underground or unsigned bands. This is a great way to find wonderful music at discount rates and also to discover the next big thing before they become famous.

Looking to create your own music? Check out Virtual Sheet Music for piano sheet music, violin sheet music, classical sheet music and many more.

Whether you are looking to purchase compact discs, records, or tapes, or to download some tracks, there are many resources for online music out there. If you are downloading online music, make sure you are doing it legally.

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