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Call it TV.COM: Now You Can Watch TV Online
It began the opposite way: The internet was made compatible with a television set, and individuals could access the web through their television screen. Now things are beginning to move in the opposite direction. Television is now being tailored to fit into the constantly changing perimeters of the World Wide Web. The benefit? Now individuals can watch TV online. But what exactly can individuals watch over their computer screen? And what are the pros and cons for those who want to watch TV online?

Why Watch TV Online
Broadband satellite is opening up a world of possibilities for television stations. All over the world, TV stations are making their broadcasts available to online subscribers. The United States alone offers hundreds of stations, while nations like South Africa, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, Uruguay and many more are offering stations as well. One station out of the United States, for example, is NASA TV, an intriguing broadcast for those interested in the NASA programs. The possibilities are endless when it comes to what individuals can find when they watch TV online.

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The Advantages
There are many advantages to making television accessible via the web. Many people have very little time to watch television during the day. They are workers who get up in the morning, work late and are on their laptops feverishly working on a day to day basis. On a lunch break, it would be nice for people to have a chance to get away. Catch up on the scores. Sneak a glimpse of a soap opera. This avenue appeals to the busy. Many of those who don't get a chance to do so at home can watch TV online on a computer.

One of the main advantages benefits the companies and manufactures advertising on TV networks. Any and all venues that advertisers can use to sell their products, the more secure the prosperity of the product. And, as mentioned above, TV online offers a way to reach those busy people with advertising that may not otherwise be available to them.

The Disadvantages
The problems with placing TV online are valid. On the one hand, placing television programming online can be highly expensive for broadcasting stations. In fact, television distribution over the net costs a company 40 times more than the cost of distributing it over cable, says Eli Noam. In addition, many stream feeds that come from the internet must go through a connecting and buffering process. This process when interrupted can frustrate the watcher, making it a not so pleasant process.

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